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Pastor, Dr. Christine Smith

(Pastor C.)


Pastor, Dr. Christine Smith, grew up in the city of Wichita Falls, Texas.  She was borne the ninth child of ten children to Bishop Arlandus and Missionary Jestine Brown.  Her father and mother were well known in the city for their Pastoralship of a small church.  The church may have been small however; they did a lot of great things for their community.  As a child Pastor C. grew up by learning to give to the poor and needy. She also went to visit the sick and shut in with the church and her family. In her early childhood, she learned what it meant to save souls by ministering to the spirit and soul of men and women.  All these things she was involved in one way or another.  
    At the age of sixteen Pastor Christine was saved and two years later at the age of eighteen, she was filled with the Holy Ghost. The following year she left Wichita Falls, Texas and moved to Dallas, Texas to go to Bishop College. There she moved in with her sister and brothers while attending college.  She felt the School of Ministry was just right for her. She loved Bishop College because everyone there was like family. At this time, she realized, God was setting her up to do greater things. A year and a half later thing started to take a turn when she was informed that the college would be closing. It was a disappointing time in her life but she did not give up. She went back home for the summer. She decided it was time to seek God's guidance in choosing a college to attend the following year. On the third day, God gave her an answer while she was riding her exercise bike. The spirit of the Lord spoke to her and told her to go to Bishop College that up-coming semester, and Prairie View A & M University the following semester. She did as the spirit instructed her to do. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education and her Master of Education from Prairie View A&M University. She also received her Doctorate Degree while attending The Institute for Teaching God's Word Seminary School with her Husband.

    While attending Prairie View A& M University she met then, Elder Floyd Smith Sr. They began spending time together and decided they would start dating. After dating for two months, he started claiming her as his wife. Little did she know she was going to be the First Lady? After several attempts from Elder Smith to get to her apartment, she finally was able to make arrangements to have him over for dinner. It was at that point she knew he was her husband. God had joined them together. On March 09, 1991 they were joined in Holy Matrimony. She was believing God to meet her husband at her front door. After standing on the Word of God, by faith, she met him at her front door. She is now a proud mother of a step-son, Floyd Smith Jr. two girls Destinee and Danielle. She has been teaching since January 1991 and loves helping to shape the minds of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4thgraders.

From Pastor C's Pen:
     P.S. " A special thanks goes to diddy ( daddy) and mom. Thank you for giving me back to Christ at a very young age.  All the church services and messages and strict ways of life was exactly what I needed to give me the life I now have".