Power for Teens




Turning Peer Pressure Into Pure Power For Teens



                Why Try Our Teen Counseling Ministry?


·Teenagers need role models and mentors. Psalm 71:17-18 (NASB)

·Teenagers need a safe place to confess and confide. James 5:16

·We will minister to them on their level, and their understanding.

 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

·We teach them how to find and use teachable moments to overcome anything.

·We will teach them the 6 types of peer pressure and how to be successful in them: Spoken Peer Pressure, Unspoken Peer   Pressure, Direct Peer Pressure, Indirect Peer Pressure, Negative Peer Pressure, and Positive Peer Pressure.

·We will teach parents how to help their children without losing their trust.

·We will help their friends that are suffering as well.

·We welcome everyone with love and respect.

·We share the gospel through our Christ-like behavior.

·We begin with their strengthening.

·We empower for independence.

·We deliver our programs with the highest quality of service.

·We will arrange a mentor connection after counseling is complete to maintain long term success.

·Simple tools are offered to use in daily life that will allow you to do more than just "cope" with situations, but to be completely set free.